Creating a sustainable & healthier world

By 2050

Over 10 billion people

Meat consumption will double

The earth will not have the water & land resources to provide it.

The earth eco system will be irreversibly damaged



Plant-based meat analogues

A sustainable supply of high-quality protein products with similar texture & taste as meat products.

Regulation for producing & labeling

Similar cost
as meat products or less

Constant quality nutritional

Target customers -

Cultured meat

Culturing meat using bovine embryonic stem cells in a disruptive, cost-effective process, allowing the meat industry to supply healthy ,"green", & slaughter free beef products,
for the ever growing population

The Team

Yohai Ben Zikri

M.Sc Food Science, MBA

Co-founder & CTO

Arturo Geifman

B.Sc Food Science

Co-founder & CEO


Dr. Avital Regev Siman-Tov

Ph.D. Medical Sciences, MBA

Business Development Manager

Board of Scientific Advisors

Nira Geifman

Prof. Bertil Andersson



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+972 544 253809

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